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From our headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Dark Slope creates the content, tools and applications that power the next generation of immersive, multi-user, location-based VR and AR experiences around the globe. 

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Dark Slope creates games, educational content and narrative experiences for location based entertainment venues, cultural institutions and brands.   Our content enables multiple users to enter a “free roam” space to share an experience and interact  with a virtual or augmented world in real time, in spaces ranging from shipping containers to 30’x30’ play-areas to warehouses and arenas. Dark Slope’s motion capture studio also enables the company to produce linear mocap animation for broadcast with real-time game engine technology.  

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Dark Slope creates simulations, training programs and engineering visualizations that enable an unprecedented level of immersion and spatialized experience for multiple users simultaneously.  Using our tools and technology companies, governments and academic institutions can create the next generation of training simulations and visualizations to empower their people to perform and to make better informed decisions.

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Dark Slope is an independent studio dedicated to creativity and innovation. We are developing the infrastructure and original IP-based content for large, multiplayer, motion tracked environments.

Dark Slope is an equal opportunity employer.  Form our studio in Toronto’s Liberty Village we are pushing the boundaries of large-scale, multi-user, motion-tracked AR and VR.  Dark Slope wants to hear from you if you are an innovator and team player with a hunger for the new and unexplored.  See our current postings below.

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7 Fraser Avenue, Unit 2
Toronto ON M6K 1Y7


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