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You can learn about our new studio space here, ahead of the new website launch.

Dark Slope’s new 35,000 sq ft studio space is housed in a legendary purpose-built space that has been home to some of the most celebrated productions shot in Canada.

Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Jane Fonda, Matthew Broderick, John Candy, Martin Short, Cher, Freddie Mercury, The Rolling Stones, Ringo Starr, Eugene Levy and even Polkaroo have all been a part of the rich history at our landmark studio complex.

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Studio B

Virtual Production Stage

Dark Slope’s prime-time LED volume in Studio B includes our curved LED wall that is one of the largest in North America at 75 ft. wide in circumference and 16.5 feet high. Our in-house team of Unreal Engine experts support productions in Studio B for a seamless virtual production experience across drama, unscripted, vehicle processing, commercial production and more.

  • 12,000 square feet (approximately 120’ x 100’)
  • 75’ x 16.5’ high LED wall curved at ~3.25 degrees
  • Virtual production crew included: VP Supervisor, VP Producer, VP Project Manager, 1 or 2 Engine Operators, Technical Director
  • ROE BP2 V2 panels
  • Articulating 30’ x 18’ LED ceiling
  • Two 6.5’ x 8’ roving LED walls
  • Tools included: RED Komodo X, Canon Cineprime Kit, 7” on-camera monitor, 24” large monitor, dana dolly, tripod
  • Industry-leading Brompton Processing & Colour Management
  • Inclusive of utilities (e.g., power, hydro, internet, HVAC), drive-in access, as well as on-site parking

Studio A

Multifunctional Sound Stage

Studio A includes our multifunctional sound stage, perfect for fixed practical sets, swing sets, green screen, and motion capture. A roving 20 ft LED volume ideal for non-fiction, documentary and high quality cost effective production can also be made available for shoots.

  • 12,600 square feet (approximately 120’ x 105’)
  • Clear span
  • Cyclorama
  • Sunken pit feature
  • 36’ to ceiling, 26’ to grid
  • Drive-in access
  • 1150A with splitters available
  • HVAC / Kitchen Exhaust / Roof Exhaust Fans
  • Inclusive of utilities (e.g., power, hydro, internet, HVAC) and available on-site parking
  • 20' x 10’ high LED volume and virtual production crew available (included: VP Supervisor, Engine Operator, VP Project Manager)

Studio D

Motion tracking animation studio

  • A 3,353 sq ft two-story loft with 2 washrooms and a mezzanine kitchen
  • Pipeline features live previs of characters, reference camera capture and integration with Shopgird
  • Inclusive of utilities (e.g., power, hydro, internet, HVAC), drive-in access, as well as on-site parking
  • Motion capture crew included: (2) Motion Capture Technicians

Additional Rooms

  • Universal 2 story loft 3,353 sq ft (incl 2 washrooms and mezzanine kitchen)
  • Hair & Makeup Room A 225 sq ft
  • Hair & Makeup Room B 225 sq ft
  • Support Room A 128 sq ft
  • Support Room B 128 sq ft
  • Support Room C 128 sq ft
  • Storage Room 15.5' x 9' / 139.5 sq ft
  • Support Room D 140 sq ft + 3 pc washroom with a shower
  • Support Room E 280 sq ft + sink + hair & makeup station station
  • Support Room F 310 sq ft
  • Support Room G 130 sq ft
  • Support Room H 140 sq ft
  • Support Room I 231 sq ft
  • Support Room J 84 sq ft
  • Support Room K 138 sq ft
  • Support Room L 165 sq ft
  • Support Room M 165 sq ft
  • Support Room N 120 sq ft + 3 pc washroom with a shower
  • Boardroom/meeting room

Additional On-Site Services and Rentals

  • Internal camera and lighting kits
  • Gear rental such as Drones, Robotic camera, Acrobatic Harness etc.
  • Physical build out, physical props, set pieces
  • Commercial kitchen and craft services
  • VAD services for asset creation and visual effects
  • Optitrack and Xsens motion tracking services
  • Editing suite and services
  • Audio production
  • Motion graphics

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